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Interview about the Mill on the Harrowsmith Radio Podcast

We are able to share the story of the mill from the era of the Valentines, to the Starks, to the Cryslers, to today! Here’s the story on the Harrowsmith #podcast. Have a listen! Summary of the interview below. The Rundown In this episode, we learn how COVID and a fortuitous canoe trip ledContinue reading “Interview about the Mill on the Harrowsmith Radio Podcast”

Stark’s Mill – The Second Century Rejuvenation

The following article was posted in the Paisley Advocate for the July 2021 publication. In January, the 135 year old Stark’s Mill with its large dam, 30 acres, and 2 kilometres of Teeswater River frontage passed from Paul and Helen Crysler to Emma and Graham Cubitt. The current mill was built in 1885 and stayed in the Stark family for a hundred years, operating until around 1975.  After years of sitting vacant, the Crylers purchased theContinue reading “Stark’s Mill – The Second Century Rejuvenation”

Turtles in Paradise

With the provincial lockdown, we have been spending all our time working from our new home at the mill. This has allowed us to discover more details of the building’s history, and being present as spring arrives also means we are getting to know much more about the flora and fauna.   We’re realizing Stark’sContinue reading “Turtles in Paradise”

Paisley, Ontario

A new marketing video was recently released for the village of Paisley, and Nature’s Millworks at Stark’s Mill was featured! While we’re not able to carry on operating Nature’s Millworks, we have already come to love Bonfire on Queen, Tomboi Artisan Ice Cream, and Paisley Artscape Society. Once the pandemic eases, we look forward toContinue reading “Paisley, Ontario”


Stark’s Mill has been on this bend of the Teeswater River since it was built in 1885, following a fire at the first gristmill on this site. Throughout that time, it’s withstood all kinds of weather and every spring flood – including some big ones like in 1929. As we make plans for the nextContinue reading “Surveying”


It’s January 6, 2021 and we have become the new owners of Stark’s Mill and over 30 acres of beautiful Ontario river country…just as Ontario enters a province-wide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel excited to begin this new adventure at the mill, but also a little sad that we can’t really startContinue reading “Keys!”

Municipal Water

Water access has always been critical to operating Stark’s Mill. The river is the obvious water connection, powering the two turbines’ 125 horsepower and driving the line shaft connecting to all mill operations. But the site’s well also played a key role, providing water for steaming the grain prior to milling. The building is stillContinue reading “Municipal Water”


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