One of our main goals with the restoration of the mill is to share the residence portion as a place to relax and recharge. At the moment we have ten beds available across the property with additional guests possible with air mattresses or tenting. We have three different scales of accommodation with the Yurt (outdoor glamping for 3+ people), the loft (6+ people), and the retreat (10+ people). You can rent one space, two or all three depending on the size of your group (and availability). Dogs are welcome at all locations.

The mill Loft is a 1,400 ft2 with a big open kitchen, dining area, and living room on the ground floor and a loft bedroom with an ensuite washroom. To the side on the ground floor is a large washroom and two additional bedrooms, each with a double bed (and the option of an additional air mattress, if needed). There are also two couches in a cozy living room.

The Retreat Space at the mill

Located on the second floor of the historic 1885 mill, the retreat space includes accommodation with five bedrooms, each with their own washroom, a kitchen, a large dining table, and two lounge spaces. For a unique experience, two of the bed frames are made from historic milling equipment, called a bolter. Each bedroom has a double bed and there is also air mattresses for larger groups and three couches. The mill retreat space is ideal for small groups, extended families, groups of friends, or anyone looking for time away in nature. It is fully self catering, with the option of Guests in the retreat centre have full access to the trails around the property, canoe and kayak, snow shoes, etc.

The Yurt

Our friend Emily has a beautiful Ontario-made Yurta yurt on the property. It is a generous 225ft2 with three large windows and a dome skylight. It has wool felt insulation and a wood stove. There is a double bed and a single bed, along with a cooler, table, chairs, and storage space. There is solar-powered lighting and a plug for electronics. Outdoor amenities include a picnic table, fire pit, and a sawdust toilet. The yurt is available all four seasons. At the moment there is no shower, but we are working on that. The yurt is on the millpond in the Teeswater, about 400m from the mill, and is a secluded and beautiful private camping space. For simplicity, please bring your own sheets and pillows, however there are blankets you can use.

About Paisley
The mill is situated on a beautiful 30 acre property that we have tried to showcase throughout the website. There are hiking trails around the property and a fire pit along with the beautiful river. There is good fishing opportunities on the river. While the Teeswater may not be deep enough to paddle on in summer, the Saugeen certainly is. You can also walk into the town of Paisley, literally a 10 minute walk away for a great restaurants and other shops.

Graham & Emma

Frequently Asked Questions

For the mill loft & retreat space, yurt FAQ is below

Q: How do we access the mill once we arrive? You will receive an email a few days ahead of time with the code to the lockbox.

Q: Can we bring our dog(s)? Yes! The mill and yurt are both dog-friendly and they will LOVE it here. We do ask that dogs stay off the beds and couches unless they are on a dog blanket (provided). Especially wet dogs! There is a tie out you can use outside, and dogs can roam free but please be careful of the road, cars drive fast around the corner.

Q: Should we bring bedding and towels? Is there a washer/ dryer? There is bedding and towels provided, for guests that are self cleaning you are welcome to bring your own linens or use those on site. There is a washer and dryer. Note that the dryer is an ultra low-energy heat pump style so it takes longer to cycle. You can also use the laundry line outside.

Q: What is included in the kitchen? Are there plates, glasses, etc. all there? The kitchen is fully equipped with pots, pans, and dishes for over a dozen people. There are some staples like sugar, olive oil, spices, and honey from our bees. There is also a nearby grocery store and LCBO in downtown Paisley if you need anything.

Q: Is there wifi? Yes! The password can be found on the side of the fridge.

Q: What type of heating/ cooling is there? We have an air-to-air heat pump for each bedroom and living space to provide heating & cooling. In the loft side, there is also in floor heating and a Jotul gas stove.

Q: Is there a TV so we can watch programs at night? Yes, only on the Loft side at the moment. There is a TV with some channels as well as Netflix and other apps for watching programs. You can use the mill’s Netflix account and there is Spotify or Youtube for music. There is also a vintage record player and some great records to enjoy if you’re in to vinyl.

Q: When should we pay you? When you make your reservation, you will be asked to pay a 25% deposit. The remainder will be owed just before your stay. You will receive a reminder a few days ahead of time. Payment is simple online via paypal, however if you would like to pay by an alternate method, let us know.

Q: Is there a map for how to get to the various trails on the site, the fire pit, the yurt, etc? Yes – there’s a map with all the trails inside the yurt. We are still working on signage for the trails, so use your own discretion as they are a work in progress!

Q: Is there a fire pit we can use? Firewood? Yes, there is a fire pit near the river with log seating, as well as firewood. Check our our trails map for how to get there. Please fully put out the fire before you leave, there is a bucket provided to collect river water.

Q: How should we leave the space when we are done? What do we need to do before we leave? The loft space requires a cleaning fee, as it is rented on other short term rental platforms. The retreat space can either be self-cleaned or you can opt for the space to be cleaned at the end of your stay. Please make sure you lock up the mill and put the keys back in the lockbox. Check out time is 11am.

Q: What do we do if we have any questions while we are there? Please text Emma at 905-524-5931. If there is an emergency, call 911. If there is a problem that needs to be looked at we have great neighbours I can reach out to for help, so please let me know!

Q: Closest public beach and sandy beach? Our favourite beach is actually the closest, located here just beside the northern access to MacGregor Point Provincial Park. There is usually space to park but note that it is rocky. The closest public sandy beach is in Port Elgin, but there are great public beaches in Southhampton, Sauble, and all along Lake Huron. MacGregor Provincial Park is amazing for hiking etc, but note there is an entry fee. The sunsets at Lake Huron are amazing and it is just 20 minutes away!!

Q: Where is the best place locally for cross country skiing? Glad you asked because we LOVE cross country skiing too! The Brant Tract is just 10 minutes south on Highway 3 and has many great trails. Sawmill Nordic Centre is half an hour north in Hepworth. Day passes are $10 for adults and $2 for kids! MacGregor Point Provincial Park also has excellent ski trails as well as a skating loop through the forest!

Q: Is there a canoe we can borrow? Do we need to bring life jackets, paddles? Yes, we have a 16 foot plastic canoe you can borrow. It is heavy but great for the Teeswater and Saugeen Rivers as you don’t need to worry about it getting scratched. Let me know if you are thinking of using the canoe and I can share more info. We have roof tie downs, paddles, 2 adult life jackets and one child’s. Besides the boat, the other items are located in the silo building (there is a key to access it on the keyring). We also have paddling maps for the Saugeen which show the various access points.

Q: Can we post photos of our stay on social media? Yes, of course! And please do tag the Paisley Mill on Facebook and Instagram. 🙂

Yurt Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we access the yurt once we arrive? We will email you a few days ahead of time with the code to the lockbox. In that email, you will receive directions to where the yurt is located on the mill property. 

What is in the yurt?

For now, the yurt is set up with the basics. We are adding new amenities and supplies regularly. Here is what is available now: 

What is included in the outdoor space around in the yurt?

  • Firepit with a few seats 
  • Picnic table 
  • Access to the trail system that runs through the 30 acres of mill property. Details about the trails will be available in the yurt. 
  • Access to a canoe and kayak (shared with mill guests)
    • Please let us know ahead of time if you’d like to use the canoe or kayak. It is shared with the guests at the mill, so may not always be available. 
  • Sawdust toilet in a clean outhouse 

What is a sawdust toilet? 

Our composting toilet system is basic and easy to use. Every time you “do your business,” just put a scoop of sawdust on top. The sawdust prevents the outhouse from smelling. The large toilet bucket will be emptied regularly onto a compost heap. After a while, the stuff from the toilet becomes regular compost. All supplies you need for the toilet and instructions can be found in the outhouse. 

What should we bring to stay in the yurt?

While the yurt provides some of the comforts of home, it is important to remember that staying in the yurt is still camping

  • Ice for the cooler 
  • Sheets, pillows, and towels. 
  • Whatever you need for outdoor cooking (i.e. camp stove or grill).
    • We are going to have a BBQ available in the future, but it is not there yet so please bring supplies to cook outdoors. 

For an added fee of $25, we can supply sheets and pillows. Just let us know when you book that you will need them. 

Can we book the yurt in winter?

We will be installing a wood stove in September so that the yurt will be usable in the winter months. It is very important to note that, if you book the yurt in the winter, you will need to be comfortable running a wood stove and know how to do so safely. Written instructions will be provided in the yurt, but the comfort of your stay will depend on your ability to maximize warmth from the woodstove as it will be your only source of heating. 

Is there Wi-Fi? 

Not at this moment. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi available at the mill does not reach the yurt. You are welcome to use the mill’s Wi-Fi (password provided in the yurt) when you are within range of it. There is also the option of using data if it is available in your cell phone plan. The cell signal at the yurt is excellent. 

Amenities that are coming soon! 

We will eventually be adding the following amenities to our yurt: 

  • Solar power
  • BBQ
  • Indoor toilet and shower facilities specifically for yurt guests (in the mill) 

Future quote about the lovely mill


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