Winter Snow and Sunshine

We were so excited to finally spend our first weekend at Stark’s Mill this Family Day. With the Crysler’s packed up and ready to move, we were able to stay in the vacant side of the mill for a few days. It also gave us the chance to get trained on the well-water system, back-up generator, and snow blower – important factors in keeping everything working!

The mill was a winter wonderland! And despite sticking to our socially-distanced selves, we had a great time exploring the woods and trails around the property. Flora was especially excited by the three feet of snow in the forests. It was fun watching her bounding over drifts, blazing a trail for our cross-country skis along the rail-trail, and getting surprised by wild turkeys.

One of the best parts of the weekend was watching the sun rise through the trees outside the frosty windows of the unfinished floors of the mill. We realized how the light plays on the immense timbers and old machinery of the building, which led to a few design tweaks for the accommodations we have in mind for future developments. We want to maximize the feelings of relaxation and reflection that we experienced for everyone who stays at the mill.

We’re so thankful for this opportunity to steward such a beautiful building and site into its next chapter of life on the Teeswater River. Paisley, we look forward to becoming part of you, just as we’ve become part of Hamilton.

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